Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Moderate Step in the Right Direction.

After what can only be described as a shit day at work I received a major shot in the arm, one that advances the Retro Dungeon considerably.

A cardboard package containing the above Torchlight Fantasy Products resin dungeon scenery was waiting for me. Sadly a more urgently required darning kit for my socks was not included, that really is very embarrassing!!!!.

Anyway perambulatory organs apart once this little lot is hosed out and re-painted the physical form of the Retro Dungeon will have reached a point where I can lay out fairly extensive levels ( roughly 4'x2') with enough corridors & rooms to make things interesting.
And now off to the dressing room for some new socks.


  1. A real blast from the past! I remember the adverts for this stuff in White Dwarf. Is there much of a market for it in the days on Dwarven Forge et al?

    Fans of Torchlight might want to check out the archive on flickr

  2. Hi Citizen S, Judging by what I've paid for the bits I've collected not much market at all. Torchlight does have one major advantage over Dwarven Forge though, you can see over the walls whilst still remaining seated. The wall height of DF corridors renders it difficult to move miniatures as well.
    Many thanks for the link, very useful indeed.
    Regards HGA.