Monday, 27 August 2012

An Entertaining Dead-end.

There is a very good reason I sometimes struggle to finish projects in a reasonable length of time and it is because I am too easily distracted by bright, shiny & sinister things. The latest of these trinkets is from Smart Max's Smog range:

Fair enough, its an entertaining enough miniature in 1/35th scale and nicely moulded; theres even a set of miniatures rules to go with the range. Thats where the bad news starts, most of the miniatures are £30 plus so its a major outlay of cash to get even a small collection to the table. Worst still judging by the smell when the resin is drilled or filed the cheap so & so's have cut the resin with diesel, which I am led to believe is one way to make it go further. I don't know about you but paying out £30 for a resin sculpt one would expect to get the best materials available, not material cut with shitty petro chemicals that do God knows what to the life expectancy of the miniature.
Its a crying shame because doing the painting to this point has been really challenging, particularly trying to achieve the Steuben glass effect on top of the cabinet. Sadly it was only when I drilled the curtain section & the base to pin them together that the diesel fraud became apparent. Hence the loss of enthusiasm for the project.
Sorry Smart Max but you've shot yourselves in the foot big time.

Nick Lunds Cave Goblin Chariot.

Not sure what use a chariot is in the subterranean environment but Citadel Miniatures produced this and I a callow youth of 17 bought it and graced it with this paint job.

I think it was originally drawn by two giant wolves but these were rejected in favour of the boars show. They are earlier Citadel miniatures originally ridden by night goblins.
When I rediscovered this piece a couple of weeks back I did contemplate stripping and repainting it; but  it has a certain nostalgia value for me as a step in the right direction miniature painting wise. If you look closely there are tentative efforts at dry brushing, washing & shading; not great by any standards but an improvement over many of my previous efforts.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pantagruel the Giant.

Citadel C28 Giant restoration completed.

There's still a few rough spots to knock off that I missed last night but  he is essentially finished. The club is a replacement for the original which looked a bit on the short side. If you're wondering about the name apparently Pantagruel was a common medieval name for giants.

I also received in the post this week a blister pack of Ral Partha AD&D Ettercaps, not quite how I remember them from the Fiend Folio, like a lot of monsters they were somewhat changed for AD&D second edition.

Never the less they're sufficiently unpleasant looking to lurk in the shadowy places of the D&D world that is the retro dungeon.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Citadel Miniatures C28 Giant.

Another of my recent cupboard finds, from the same box as the Hydra. This figure was probably bought about the same time but I think he came from a local toy shop that had brief dalliance with roleplaying stuff when it was all the rage, what I do remember is that he cost a whopping £3.95 which equated to about 3 hours work mucking out cows at the time.
I did get round to painting him, though neatly is about as far as I'll permit so it seemed about time to give him a re-vamp. Very early stages yet but I'm quite pleased with the 'lived in' complexion.

I know the above pictures are a bit blurred, but I quite like the angry at being papped look.

More to follow as work progresses.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Citadel Miniatures The original C27 Hydra.

Found this miniature when we moved house a couple of years back, he was in a box that had somehow lost itself behind a cupboard and was accompanied by a couple of Citadel Giants, half a dozen Chronicle Ogres and a solitary Chronicle Kobold.

Either my brother or I must have bought it around 1984 or 85 when we were at the height of our D&Ding but like so many of our miniatures remained unpainted and as far as I recall unused in any of our gaming sessions. Brings back a lot of memories of the days when we used to cycle ten miles into town to buy miniatures from the local model shop which was the only outlet for such things in our part of the world ( barring the odd school holidays trip to Games Workshop in Birmingham). We did occasionally mail order stuff but often the lack of catalogues precluded that avenue, I think thats why we ended up with such a random collection of miniatures back then.

The original catalogue entry in the Citadel Compendium, this was acquired sometime after the miniature. Already the love of Chaos is creeping into Citadels products.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Introducing the Stand-ins.

Its been quite some time since my last post here; still waiting for moulds to be made for my dungeon components, but patience they tell me is a virtue.

In the meantime I've been collecting a few more denizens for the deep, dark places of the world. I was hoping at this point to be able to reveal an ensemble cast of beautifully painted Otherworld Miniatures but financial constraints have required me to improvise with the following:

Dunlendings, who will serve as Bandits or Hirelings as required.

Orc Warg riders, stand ins for a variety of mounted goblinoids.

Deadmen of Dunharrow, a little too animated for zombies perhaps but they will serve.

Dunharrow King, Skeleton Warrior perhaps.

Grima Wormtongue, definite evil henchman material.

Guardians of Dol Guldur. Death Knights?

Barrow Wight, need I say more.

All of the above are GW Lord of the Rings figures and were either abandoned projects or poorly painted figures bought really cheap on Ebay, cleaned up and re-painted. The best of it is they dovetail nicely with the existing Darksword, Ral Partha & Denizen figures that have so far been the mainstay of the retro dungeon project.
I've still to finish a bunch of the good guys for use as P.C's but more of that soon I hope.