Sunday, 19 April 2015

Yet More Barrowmaze Undead.

The Otherworld miniatures painting spree continues unabated into a second week with the last of the single piece castings from the Barrowmaze boxed set:

A brace of Sons of Gaxx.

Mummy Lord.

Must say I particularly enjoyed painting the Mummy Lord, the contrast of his finery & otherwise rather ragged appearance is very pleasing.
Have already started assembling a few of the multi piece castings from the set & as anticipated they are turning out to be a pain in the arse, I generally like to pin miniatures together but a lot of the parts included are too fine for this to be practical. Instead I have had to use super-glue, which is fine to a degree but doesn't always hold together well in the long term; at least in my experience. Will just have to be careful handling them.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Otherworld Miniatures Barrowmaze Zombies.

My first fantasy miniatures for quite some time, starting with the single piece castings from the Barrowmaze boxed set:

A pair of Ju-Ju Zombies

A Ravening Zombie.

Ravening Zombie & Otherworld Thief comparison shot.
 Really nicely done miniatures these & as can be seen from the comparison shot suitably emaciated. I've decided to paint all the single piece castings from this set first as I need a bit of time to experiment with various glues for assembling the multipart castings. Some of these I will pin & glue but some of the finer castings like the skeletons might require a different approach as there is very little to pin into, time to invest in some good epoxy I reckon.