Saturday, 19 January 2013

Reviving the Retro Dungeon.

After a brief sabbatical from all things dungeon related 2013 has seen the Retro Dungeon project gaining a little momentum again.

Firstly I've scored some more Ral Partha 'gold' in the form of an AD&D miniatures Bonesnapper:

Not one of your classic AD&D creatures by any means but a useful challenge for lower level parties. I have fonder memories than most of these creatures from the Fiend Folio probably because I purchased this instead of the Monster Manual when given the choice, a decision that I never rectified. Anyway a really excellent sculpt, well up to modern standards. The base details are a particularly nice touch.

The second & more interesting piece of news is that my mould maker is currently processing the moulds and masters for my Torchlight Fantasy Products clone:

A small selection of the prototypes.

I'm hoping to get these into production around March/April when the weather starts to warm up & I can  use the workshop for casting. The current plan is to offer the pieces for sale in sets of 12 pieces for around £25. I won't finalise the composition of the sets yet but I'm inclined to offer a basic set with corridors & rooms, a corridor set & a room set with a few extra features, pillars etc. Starting out this way I can use a common box size for all sets to standardise postage & packaging.
Still got to come up with a catchy product name but along the lines of Crypts of Darkness, Buried Vaults etc etc. Any sensible suggestions gladly recieved.