Monday, 26 December 2016

Some tastefully lit player characters courtesy of Otherworld Miniatures.

It's been a bit of a slow year on the fantasy miniatures front but I have been busy games mastering a campaign based in a fantasy central asian setting which has been going quite well. More of this later but for now here are a few Otherworld Miniatures that have made it of the Table of Doom.

First up, A Giant Toad
A lantern carrying Wizard, a first attempt at lighting effects .

A low level Fighter, a torch bearing work in progress.
These guys have all been great fun to paint; the toad is inspired by one I found under a pile of logs at work a few weeks back so the colour scheme is quite authentic, though the real one did do quite a long piss on my hand when I moved him. The player characters were an interesting experiment, experience with hurricane lamps as a youngster suggest that their sources of illumination might be highlighting themselves as targets rather than revealing potential enemies, food for thought GM's it might be time to re-consider how powerful infra-vision is in old school rpg's.