Sunday, 29 March 2015

Otherworld Miniatures Monsters of Barrowmaze.

Its been a long time since I had anything of note to report in regard of the Retro Dungeon, but this dropped through the letterbox this week:

This was ordered for my birthday back in January so it has been a seven week wait to get it, but in defence of Otherworld death laid his hand on the shoulder of their casting contractor, so in the great scheme of things having to wait a few weeks for a hobby item isn't terribly important.

Anyway, inside this splendidly decorated box are the following:

Because a lot of the miniatures are multi part they have been supplied individually bagged.

Mummy Lord, Ju Ju zombies & a Ravening zombie.

Barrow Guardian, Tomb robbers & Barrow harpy.

Sons of Gaxx & Sapphire skeletons.

Fossil skeletons, Crypt knight & Crypt thing.
In addition Otherworld included a couple of freebies as an apology for the long delay in shipping the order, not necessary but very much appreciated none the less.
Barrow wight & Barrow guardian II.

The general quality of the castings is excellent with very little in the way of flash & only minimal mould lines, really looking forward to getting some paint on these.
One of these days I may even get round to running Greg Gillespie's excellent Barrowmaze, his take on the Mega Dungeon trope. I really like the consistency of the theme with plenty of undead & vermin involved. Several of the undead types encountered are subtly different from their D&D ancestors, for instance Fossil skeletons are covered in limestone accretions which make them harder to damage than usual; while Sapphire skeletons reanimate a few rounds after 'death' unless the jewel in their skull is destroyed.
Not that this is likely to happen anytime soon however, work is still far to busy to devote much time to gaming ( though I am currently a player in a monthly Firefly RPG campaign) but at least if & when I finally retire I won't be short of stuff to do.