Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Grenadier Skeleton Looters & Resin Dungeon News.

Received these through the post today:

Cast by Grenadier in 1988 these are great but utterly, utterly bonkers. What on earth do Skeletons want with a small captive, a pig & a string of sausages? Frankly mind boggling but these are going to be great fun to paint. Also really good from a narrative point of view during encounters.

On a more serious note I have finally had confirmation from that the moulds for my resin retro dungeon  scenery will be ready within the next fortnight so these should be in production fairly soon. It may take me a month or so to cast up enough stock but these ought to be available shortly. Keep checking back for progress reports but in the meantime heres a reminder of what a few of the masters look like.

 As previously stated these are inspired by & compatible with Torchlight Fantasy Products that were briefly available in the mid eighties. Haven't finalised a product name yet but am thinking of selling these under the 'Aceldama Castings' banner.