Sunday, 20 December 2015

Another C23 Giant Ogre.

Whilst looking for something completely un-related in my games storage earlier this week I came across  the remainder of my old ( circa 1987) Citadel Miniatures Giant Ogres. Some were moderately well painted with oil paints sometime in the 90's when I was at Polytechnic; but a few like the one below were finished in Pelikan Plaka and looked, well, shite.
As part of a now ongoing mission to lend them some of the dignity they deserve they are getting a repaint.
According to my old Citadel catalogue this miniature is an Ogre Mercenary:

A few small points of detail to finish off, but overall fairly happy with how this one turned out. At the time I thought these were great, but nowadays the aesthetic of this era of Citadel Miniatures doesn't appeal to me so much. Compared to the earlier sculpts their stuff was starting to get too grotesque & cartoonish, particularly the Humanoid & Chaos stuff, however as an exercise in nostalgia this really takes me back to an era of playing WFB 2nd Edition on various kitchen tables and painting miniatures when I was supposed to be doing homework. This may explain why I cut down trees & dig holes for a living.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

C23 Giant Ogre.

Another old gem from Citadel Miniatures currently getting the makeover treatment:

This I believe is an Oriental Ogre and he does look the part. Definitely getting a starring role in my upcoming fantasy central asian roleplaying campaign which I'm just polishing off; been busy doing the isometric maps this week. Not something I've attempted before but having a blast!