Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Infernal Drummer.

Another Grenadier Miniature from the Skeletons - Raiders of the Undead set:

Not one of my favourite miniatures from the set, probably why he's taken so long to paint, but a nice figure none the less.
From a dungeon crawling point of view he could provide a drums in the deep vibe to the subterranean environment I suppose.


  1. Classic figure...really enjoying this retro dungeon stuff, bringing back lots of memories.Cheers

  2. How can that not be a favorite! That is such an out of the norm piece, you can almost hear the drums. You did a really good job painting it too, very nice work!

  3. Cheers Both, very much appreciate the encouragement. Collecting these old Grenadier miniatures has been quite a voyage of discovery for me.

    Regards HGA.

  4. I love this mini! I always thought he was pretty 'cute' and had a lot of humor

  5. Nice work as always. Interesting figure. Dean