Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Some Re-Discovered Ral Partha & Citadel Miniatures.

These poor fellows have been languishing in storage since our house move a few years back & its high time they were treated to a new paint job.

These are mainly Ral Partha elves & magic users but there are a couple of oddities featured front & centre.
There is also this rather confused looking Citadel miniatures M.U:

This was given to me by a friend at college after a very brief dalliance with D&D. He has had a fresh coat of paint but I've stuck with Steve's original colour scheme.

One thing you do notice these days with early Ral Partha stuff is just how tiny it was, here are a few of their Adventurers up against some almost contemporary Denizen undead which aren't huge themselves by modern 28mm standards.

What it does bring home is just how good a sculptor Tom Meier, fabulous detail & anatomy on such small figures.

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  1. Interesting discovery (re-discovery?); I rather like that wizard scratching his head. Dean