Sunday, 12 April 2015

Otherworld Miniatures Barrowmaze Zombies.

My first fantasy miniatures for quite some time, starting with the single piece castings from the Barrowmaze boxed set:

A pair of Ju-Ju Zombies

A Ravening Zombie.

Ravening Zombie & Otherworld Thief comparison shot.
 Really nicely done miniatures these & as can be seen from the comparison shot suitably emaciated. I've decided to paint all the single piece castings from this set first as I need a bit of time to experiment with various glues for assembling the multipart castings. Some of these I will pin & glue but some of the finer castings like the skeletons might require a different approach as there is very little to pin into, time to invest in some good epoxy I reckon.

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