Sunday, 27 September 2015

Skeleton Kettle Drummer.

Another bizarre miniature from the talented hands of Andrew Chernak. I've had this since the mid eighties but it was long overdue a new paint job, having previously been painted rather garishly with Pelikan Plaka.

I thought this was it for Grenadier Skeletons but I have found a few more lurking at the backs of various drawers.

The two with horned helmets came with the War Rhino Captive Carrier ( which will also get a freshen up at some point), the standard bearer came in the same blister pack as the kettle drummer above & the bolt thrower should have a loader figure with it which I have based up singly as part of an earlier project.

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  1. Nice "Army of Darkness" you're fielding, HGA. Maybe an Ash Williams figures may need to be painted too :)