Monday, 29 May 2017

A Selection of Freshly Painted Otherworld Miniatures.

The fine weather here in Blighty has resulted in even less than usual output from The Workbench of Doom, but here are the latest escapees courtesy of Otherworld Miniatures:

Adventurers cart, reins still required.

Type 1 Demon (Vrock), cause of much hand wringing in the States, no one gave a fig over here.

Lizard King, an improved Lizardman included in The Fiend Folio.

Half Orc fighter/ cleric.

As always very nice miniatures, though the facial details were a bit vague on the half orc & enjoyable to paint. Admittedly a somewhat eclectic choice of subjects, but thats the joy of this project - not having to paint set units to satisfy the tyranny of army lists & oobs. Until next time HGA.


  1. This is I nice bath of figs, I enjoyed the views. The lizard king is dead on the illustration and you've done it proud. Love that Vrock sculpt and have had one waiting primed for years.

    1. Many thanks Ryder, the sculptor did the original proud, I always did like Russ Nicholson's pen & ink drawings. If you re-call there is a particularly fine illustration of a fighter tackling lizard men on the facing page, this one really fired the imagination when I was younger. Regards HGA.

  2. Lovely work on all of these, HGA! Great to see your brushwork again.