Sunday, 18 November 2012

Against the Cult of the Reptile God.

My quest for the perfect starting point for an Old School campaign is still underway, stymied somewhat by too much time at work & other less important distractions. I did however manage to pick up that rarest of things a low level AD&D module the titular Against the Cult of the Reptile God.

I must admit this one has up to now slipped under my radar, but at £2 on eBay seemed worth a punt and on receiving & reading it my optimism seems well founded.

First up are the nefarious goings on of a cult in a small rural settlement which should give plenty of opportunity for investigative roleplaying so the PCs can get to the bottom of things & then a short trek through marshland to confront the Reptile God in its lair- a two level dungeon.
For my money the adventure is a tough ask for low level characters but help is available through the agency of a higher level NPC, my personal taste would be to reduce the difficulty level a little and let the players take the glory for themselves, down the line this should allow for a little more prestige in the eyes of the townsfolk rather than just looking like hangers on the coat tails of the local big cheese.

Now how to convince a bunch of jaded forty somethings to give up their limited spare time to commit to a couple of weekend sessions to play this through.


  1. I've never read that one, but the Tim Truman art alone has got to be worth the two pounds...seems like it would tie in well with the Saltmarsh series...I'll have to try tracking this one down...Thanks for the review!

    1. Very kind of you to describe my paltry efforts as a review Mouse. I'm not familiar with the Saltmarsh series but N1 as a starting point for a campaign seems to tick many boxes.

      Best HGA.

    2. The Saltmarsh series - AKA: Modules U1-3...series starts out beginner level in a sea-side town surrounded by huge salt marshes...your characters tackle haunted houses, pirates, etc, eventually being drawn into a war between tribes of Lizard men and Sahaugin...great old series. If I had anybody to play D&D with these days, it would probably be #1 on my list of campaigns I'd like to run...and sounds like cult of the Reptile God would plug in perfectly as an expansion piece...

    3. I see you have the same problem as me Mouse namely the lack of a group willing to actually play (A)D&D, I can persuade mine to play Call of Cthulhu but I think many of them suffered D&D burnout after college. But still its good to dream.
      Regards HGA.

  2. B10 Night's Dark Terror is a great beginning module to start a new campaign.