Saturday, 19 January 2013

Reviving the Retro Dungeon.

After a brief sabbatical from all things dungeon related 2013 has seen the Retro Dungeon project gaining a little momentum again.

Firstly I've scored some more Ral Partha 'gold' in the form of an AD&D miniatures Bonesnapper:

Not one of your classic AD&D creatures by any means but a useful challenge for lower level parties. I have fonder memories than most of these creatures from the Fiend Folio probably because I purchased this instead of the Monster Manual when given the choice, a decision that I never rectified. Anyway a really excellent sculpt, well up to modern standards. The base details are a particularly nice touch.

The second & more interesting piece of news is that my mould maker is currently processing the moulds and masters for my Torchlight Fantasy Products clone:

A small selection of the prototypes.

I'm hoping to get these into production around March/April when the weather starts to warm up & I can  use the workshop for casting. The current plan is to offer the pieces for sale in sets of 12 pieces for around £25. I won't finalise the composition of the sets yet but I'm inclined to offer a basic set with corridors & rooms, a corridor set & a room set with a few extra features, pillars etc. Starting out this way I can use a common box size for all sets to standardise postage & packaging.
Still got to come up with a catchy product name but along the lines of Crypts of Darkness, Buried Vaults etc etc. Any sensible suggestions gladly recieved.


  1. Hey, this is exciting. The pieces look like they are about the same dimensions as the Dwarven Forge stuff. Are the systems compatible?

    How about DUNGEONS DEEP?

    Mr. Bone Snapper looks nice, too!

    1. Hi Mouse, sadly the pieces won't be Dwarven Forge compatible, the walls are only an inch high & the sections overall aren't so chunky. They are designed to fit in with Torchlight Fantasy Products that were on sale here in the U.K. in the mid eighties.
      Thanks for the thumbs up for the Bonesnapper, there are a couple of Ettercaps hot on his heels as we speak.
      Regards HGA.

  2. I could get into this at the price you suggest, £25 a set seems very reasonable...

  3. Sorry for missing this post. Very nice handiwork. Best, Dean