Sunday, 4 August 2013

Modular Dungeon Production Run Commenced.

Finally made a start on this long overdue project, still waiting on some of the larger moulds from my mould maker but I can start to assemble a stock of the smaller pieces that will ultimately go into the sets.

The Mark 1 entrance stair & a pair of walls for a high status tomb.

Same items with camera flash off.

Two of the basic straight corridor sections, the section on the left featuring loopholes for  darts, gas or water.

Straight wall & corner sections.
Still experimenting with adding colour to the resin, I rather like the marbled effect featured on these pieces but suspect that long term it may be of limited utility.

I should have a few larger bits & pieces cast today if the weather remains un-settled. If it brightens up I may be forced to go to a garden centre after lunch because apparently we need more stuff to squeeze into our already blooming flower beds.

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  1. Looking good....yep the resin speckled effect is spot on, nice one.