Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dungeon Terrain. Getting down to the Nitty Gritty.

Time to start getting serious as to how I present these pieces for sale, still have reservations as to how big a market there is for three dimensional resin dungeon products so the intention is to cast up a dozen sets for starters & market them through this blog & maybe eBay. I would prefer to stick exclusively to the former course to save on the fees extracted by eBay & paypal but I suspect the greater market exposure might result in a better long term pay-off.

Currently I have the following pieces in production:

This shows the basic elements that will be available in a boxed set along with two further staircase elements, two doors, a 4x2" corridor/room section & a 60 degree corner section. All to be packaged in a decent quality cardboard box with a foam liner.
Price will be in the £60 bracket including postage for the full set which is all that will be available at first purely to keep the logistics simple at my end of the operation, though if there is sufficient interest I will consider setting up a proper online store with individual elements & bundles available separately.

I'm hoping to get the sets cast up & packaged before the end of November but this will very much depend on when the next batch of moulds is received but i think the end is in sight.

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