Sunday, 27 October 2013

More Painted Dungeon Terrain.

Steadily working through the catalogue of dungeon elements, next up 4x4" pillared chamber:

This piece was treated with a neat sepia ink base coat, with subsequent coats of red & green inks to get the marbled effect in the centre sections. The square tiles & walls were block painted & dry brushed with acrylics.

I'm still awaiting delivery of the remaining moulds to complete the inventory, these are mainly accessory pieces like doors & stairs but there is also a 4" wide corridor section that will double as a building block for larger chambers. Once these are in hand I can start to assemble sets ready for sale, I will post a picture of the basic set later today once I've completed some admin for my real job.

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  1. HGA:

    I've been remiss to have missed your earlier terrain work posts - looking great. Love that skull in the previous post too. Best, Dean