Sunday, 24 May 2015

More Barrowmaze Undead & Anticipating Frostgrave.

Back to more of the un-living for this episode of the ongoing Barrowmaze saga:

Crypt Thing, pointing at something.

Sapphire Skeleton, the sapphire in the skull causes this variety of skeleton to re-animate unless it is smashed.

Another, more animated, version of the Barrow Guardian featured previously

Another batch of very good miniatures from Otherworld. The animation of the skeleton is particularly good, very reminiscent of his brethren in 'Jason & the Argonauts'. The only downside is having to glue four separate pieces together, holding those tiny arms in place while 5 minute epoxy dries feels like a task Sissiphus would have baulked at.

Finally in anticipation of the July release of 'Frostgrave' a panoramic shot of the board I intend to game this on. I say intend because unless I can get a couple of my colleagues at the local boardgames club to participate, the chances of this project ever taking flight are minimal. This as ever is simply down to time, I just never seem to have enough of it. I really do see the appeal of Frostgrave having enjoyed in my younger days both Mordheim & Necromunda, GW games in a similar vein where you begin with a small retinue of characters & improve them over the span of a campaign. Indeed Necromunda got played almost to death over the space of a couple of months in my earlier feckless years, still got the much converted miniatures ( bits were added every time a character bought or found an upgrade of some sort) & my gang sheet buried in storage somewhere, sold the boxed set for what seemed a ridiculous sum of money when I last moved house along with a lot of other gaming stuff that hadn't seen light of day for some time. Didn't have the space & really needed the money for more important stuff.


  1. Very cool, HGA. This blog is a strong competitor with your other one :)!

    1. Many thanks Dean, I'm afraid the other blog has been rather neglected of late, but painting fantasy stuff is proving to be more of a draw on my limited leisure time of late
      Rgds HGA.