Sunday, 31 May 2015

More Otherworld Miniatures. The Crypt Knight.

Not being familiar with the Labyrinth Lord set of rules I'm not sure how the Crypt Knight would be represented in old money; another very nice miniature though:

Being as how he represents a knight I have tried to represent some faded splendour; the shield has come out alright, but the once yellow cloak does more closely resemble hessian sacking, but then I expect crypts are pretty hard on clothing. 
Most of the undead I paint are finished with Vallejo Panzer Colour acrylics, I find the wide variety of woody & earthy tones work well with the subject, better than trying to muddy down brighter colours & a lot less effort to boot.

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  1. Nice mini equally nicely photographed, HGA. "Rust Never Sleeps" comes to mind.