Monday, 8 June 2015

Bitten by the Writing Bug.

It had to happen sooner or later, after a year of not doing anything vaguely concrete following up on a one off game of D&D 5th I finally had an idea worth expanding upon. It is amazing where the mind can drift off to whilst digging holes ( one of the worlds most mind numbing tasks), this time I was pondering on early archaeology in Chinese Central Asia when it occurred to me that an Oasis town on a trade route would make a suitable environment for a range of different roleplaying scenarios. What has developed over the last couple of weeks is  Lop Nor ( not an original name I know, but it sounds right ) a sandbox setting that I'm starting to fill out in a little more detail; here's a taster of progress so far:

A rough outline of the setting, excuse the hammy intro at the top.

The Stench Gate, downwind of the shambles district it lives up to its name.

The more salubrious Grass Gate.
 I have it in mind to run this setting using Craig Cartmells Deadsimple RPG rules, to which end I have put together a suitable character sheet:

This is still very much a work in progress but I do have a small group of players interested in giving it a go once the long winter evenings set in. At the moment I don't intend to mess around with any 'story arcs' malarkey, I'll just drop the players in & see where they run with it.

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