Sunday, 17 January 2016

Citadel Miniatures C30 Amazon.

Continuing my recent theme of painting miniatures collected in my youth, this weeks offering is the titular Amazon Berserker:

Citadel released these miniatures in conjunction with the 'Shrine of Rigg' scenario published in the 1984  Compendium ( which number it was eludes me at present). The scenario was set in the jungle lands of Lustria & featured a group of Norse adventurers attacking an Amazon Shrine, it was designed to be played through using Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules but in common with the earlier material Citadel presented for this system was more of a skirmish/rpg than a tabletop battle. With a quick re-write I'm sure this could be updated to Otherworld's Fantasy Skirmish rules or possibly Frostgrave, though the weather might be somewhat better.
I've got couple more Amazons prepped ready for painting so they will feature here in due course. Having fun re-visiting these older miniatures, they are perhaps lacking in fine detail compared to some of the higher end stuff available today, but they are a lot easier & quicker to paint. They also seem a lot more robust, down to the higher lead content no doubt, really pays to wash your hands after handling these babies in the raw.


  1. Very cool, HGA. Love her hair - reminds me a bit of Wendy O. Williams :)

    1. Cheers Dean, yeah have to agree a definite Plasmatics vibe going on.
      Regards HGA.