Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bigger but not necessarily better.

Managed to get in a bit more painting time this week; adding a few more elements to the Retro Dungeon project despite not yet having a clear idea of which way to roll with regard to rules system, setting etc.

Anyhow below are two of the 1994 Ral Partha City Guard that I picked up of Ebay:

As things go they're not bad figures and will be useful as cannon fodder/ henchmen. The only problem is:

They're @£$%king giants compared to their earlier henchman brother from the brigands treasure caravan,  which is a great pity because that particular pack comes with some nice beasts of burden, such as this pack mule:

I think this also illustrates how the quality of sculpting had fallen somewhat since Ral Partha's glory days when they still had the services of Tom Meier et al.
This problem wasn't just restricted to Ral Partha, a large number of the Citadel Miniatures produced around this time weren't that good either and even today when the general standards in the industry have improved immeasurably Games Workshop still insist on producing some fairly grotesque caracitures, particularly their Goblinoids and Dwarfs.

Moving onto brighter news, I found this hopping monstrosity in a box this morning:
For the un-initiated amongst us he's a Runequest Fachan produced by Ral Partha in 1986 and regardless of what form my Retro Dungeon takes his place is already reserved.
I've also completed another player character miniature that had been languishing in the pending section of the Workbench of Doom for a few months:
Can't remember where or when I bought him but he'll make a useful thief /assassin type.

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  1. Oh, the heartbreak of scale creep!

    Awesome fachan! Very Pliny!