Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Denizen Miniatures.

After a relatively quiet week on the painting front managed to get these finished this morning.

First up a swordsman from The Legion of the Damned, a recent acquisition from France.

And a pair of rather nice multi-part Dwarfs, unusual in that they have knees and have bucked the trend of dressing like short arsed Vikings embracing instead the utility and comfort of more up to date equipment, albeit modestly in the crossbowman's case. Other manufacturers take note.
As a slight aside I emailed Denizen Miniatures last week to see if these miniatures are still in production and was delighted to receive a reply in the affirmative from Chub Pearson. No more chasing around on Ebay for me, the gaps in my collection can now be filled in one fell swoop.

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