Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spawned from the loins of Yeenoghu.

Three more Ral Partha AD&D Gnolls painted.

Really pleased with the way this trio came out, though picking out some of the really fine detail was a little hard to discern at first. A very light drybrush over my dark brown basecoat solved that problem though. Its probably been mentioned before but I really do like this particular version of the Gnoll, some of the animation is a little cranky ( the gnoll with polearm being a case in point) but they do at least avoid the evils of OTT armour and huge weapons that seem a feature of many manufacturers figures in general. I know its fantasy but I do like to see weapons and armour that actually look like they could be worn and used with comfort, not the ridiculous ploughshares or anvils on shafts that some sculptors think are necesary.
Anyway small rant over, here are a couple of old Citadel Miniatures Elementals that came to light when I was rooting through some boxes of figures the other night:

These are deserving of a mention as they were my sole foray into painting figures in oils, the results aren't too bad but the mess and knackered brushes put paid to any further attempts. Such is the  folly of youth.

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