Monday, 9 April 2012

Another Archaic Warrior.

Pulled from his endless rest in some Stygian tomb here is another re-vamped Grenadier Skeleton. Just the thing for some iron thewed barbarian to hack down.


  1. I have this model somewhere, great to see one of these old models given some love! The verdigris effect on the armour is particularly striking; do you mind me asking how you achieved it?

    1. Hi Ethics Gradient, I used Vallejo paints model colour Black Green and panzer colour Light Mud and a fine stipple brush. Start with a patch of Black Green and gradually stipple on progressively lighter shades of this mixed with the Light Mud. If this doesn't seem light enough add a very small amount of white . What you want to achieve is a rough textured finish not a smooth blended finish
      Hope this explains things clearly enough, as with most of these techniques a bit of practice first makes all the difference.
      Regards HGA.