Monday, 23 April 2012

The More Recently Deceased.

I've finished off painting the more medieval looking skeleton figures from The Raiders of the Undead boxed set. These three will form a small encounter for the Retro Dungeon representing a previous explorer of the tomb and his two less well armoured retainers.

Not sure how efficacious that rusty crossbow will be but the axe & sword look lethal enough.


  1. Lovely paintjobs - how do you do the rusty metal look?

  2. Hi Justin, thanks for the comment. In reply to your query I start with a Vallejo charred brown undercoat, apply a base coat of Vallejo panzer colour 302 dark rust and then blend in small amounts of 301 light rust as a highlight. Depending on whether you want old hard oxidization or fresher powdery orange rust just vary the amount of light rust used. You can also blend or stipple to get smooth or rough texture.
    Regards HGA