Friday, 13 January 2012

The Genesis of a New Project.

Lets start with a Big Bang.

I've always been a big fan of props for roleplaying games whether it be nicely presented physical clues for Call of Cthulu or scenery for dungeon crawls; in the latter case financial constraints as a teenager prevented me from fully expressing myself in this regard. As a consequence in latter years I have attempted to rectify this injustice by buying and creating suitably 'old school' dungeon terrain for just this purpose.
I present to you below some results of these labours:

This is my current  level two crawl lay-out, the majority of it is Torchlight Resin from back in the day, the round rooms and water corridor/sewer are my own home brew items, cast in home made silicon rubber moulds.

Some close ups:

A Torchlight throne room recently purchased via EvilBay and given a new paint-job.

More torchlight stuff, this time a plain room and pile of treasure, updated with magic ward round the treasure ( actually florists clear resin, but just as resilient).

Some home cast sections with florists resin water and an old GW plastic skeleton trapped like an insect in amber.
This old tomb/public utility level lies beneath a ruined town:

which due to being hidden in the dark and  shadows of an ancient forest forms level one of the dungeon.

Level two is accessed beneath this ancient temple:

which can be removed to expose this grim archway:

Physically a lot of this would not have been possible thirty years ago, not only were my motor skills not up to it but a lot of the scenic materials were not commonly available. The only elements that I could have bought would have been the Torchlight Resin rooms & corridors but living in the depths of Shropshire these things were not that accessible. The items that are assembled above have been hunted down via the internet over the last couple of years, its been a bit of an effort as they don't turn up that often but thats offset by that smell of originality that still attaches to them.

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  1. Great work mate. I just recently started a similar project of my own with the kids. We are making the modular dungeon out of insulation foam and spare bits. Havent decided on a rule set yet but the work on the terrain is going good.