Sunday, 22 January 2012

Retro Dungeon Masters.

No not power mad teenage pedants struggling through reams of badly indexed rules, but scaled 3 dimensional representations of the actual dungeons. This is an ongoing project for me intended to supplement the rather meagre supply of actual retro dungeon terrain that I have available and I actually like the sculpting process as a means of relaxation. Access to easy to use materials is definitely a factor in this, the Palight foamed PVC is easy to cut & texture yet quite rigid whilst the blue insulation foam although a bit of an arse to cut into thin strips is simple to score detail onto with cheap & nasty sculpting tool and retains a nice rough finish that drybrushes well on the finished article.

After a final fettle these pieces will be used to create silicon rubber molds so I can cast the items up in either Herculite dental plaster or 2 part epoxy.
The herculite method has previously been my prefered method of casting as its dirt cheap and sets hard in about 15 minutes so its a quick way of producing multiple pieces, its also kind to the mould material. On the downside the pieces do need to be dried out for a couple of days in a warm place to fully get rid of any residual moisture before painting, otherwise some interesting molds of the organic variety can form inside the dungeon.
Using two part epoxy resin is a bit messier and if you want one that sets in a reasonably short time involves some fairly horrible chemicals that as well as being deleterious to ones health knacker up the moulds in fairly short order by hardening the rubber.
On balance I may try the resin method for the experience, its not as if this project is ever likely to become a commercial venture involving dozens of casting runs. I have tried previously to sell some of my pieces on Evil Bay but it seems the demand for retro dungeons is limited in the extreme.
However if anyone is interested I'm sure I could cast up a few extras for a small financial consideration, as long as you ask nicely :)

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