Sunday, 29 January 2012

Trolls & Harpies.

A mixture of old and new here, at least to me. The Giant Troll and the Trollwife below were miniatures that my brother and I bought right at the beginning of our roleplaying days, both came in those old style citadel miniatures plastic bags with the card tops with either Fantasy Tribes or Fiend Factor printed on them, I forget which either of these came in. These were both re-painted a couple of years back as part of my ongoing revamp of old gaming stuff.

Neither of them look particularly like the standard TSR style troll with his long carrot of a nose and rather simian gait which frankly is a mercy because I never really liked that take on the subject, the Trollwife above comes much closer to what is after all a particularly vicious being. The giant Troll on the other hand got used as a stand in for just about every other large and threatening monster that we came across but he is quite generic and not remotely trollish in any respect.

The Harpies in the photo below are a more recent purchase won in an online auction for about four quid  which was quite reasonable and they've painted up quite well. I always found Harpies a good nuisance monster with which to  torment player characters, the combination of charm person & flying could be really distracting. Not that great in themselves against higher level characters but still useful as scouts and spies for more powerful monsters.

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