Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Mystery Dungeon. ( and some Bugbears.)

For obvious reasons most of the scenery items I have purchased over the last few years in my quest for retro dungeon perfection have been sourced via online auction. In most cases I can identify the manufacturer from either memory or from adverts placed in White Dwarf etc, however with the following pieces this has not been the case:

The pieces are cast in the usual off white epoxy resin and came with a few doors which initially led me to assume that the manufacturer was a company called Darkways who used to advertise in White Dwarf. This assumption was based on a single picture of a door that featured in their advert. However I recently came across some images of Hirst Arts cavern floor molds which look remarkably similar to the flagstone pattern depicted above, so now I'm wondering if these are someone else's homebrewed take on dungeon terrain.
Not that it really matters, just idle curiosity on my part but if anyone has any bright ideas let me know.

Heres some more eye candy: this time Ral Partha AD&D Bugbears that were finished off this afternoon.

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