Friday, 8 June 2012

Ral Partha Skeletons.

Had a little R & R from the dungeon project last night and painted a group of three recently sourced Ral Partha Skeletons. These are 1986 vintage and a little smaller than Grenadier's offerings, however their slender remains suggest an Elvish build so perhaps another deceased party to inhabit the retro dungeon.

On the subject of retro dungeons my discussions with potential mould maker & caster earlier this week proved very fruitful. A very small negative was that I will have to re-make my wall sections in balsa foam because blue styrene is apparently a little unstable under vacuum conditions, but as alluded to previously this was half expected. The big plus was that the set-up costs are likely to be very reasonable  making the project viable for my own use even if it is not a commercial success. The next stage is to think through how best to package and market the pieces to make them attractive to the old school RPG market.

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