Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Wizards of the Coast Ranger. Also more Dungeon Progress.

The fact that Wizards of the Coast produced miniatures for D&D is one that had until recently eluded me. That they were produced around the turn of the millennium is the reason and not surprising given that my roleplaying had been entirely supplanted by historical wargaming at that point in time.
It was happy coincidence that led me a couple of weeks back to purchase the miniature below and discover the excellent D&D Lead website the same day.

The D&DLead website has a fairly comprehensive set of photographs of WoTC miniatures and this does seem to be one of the better sculpts available, the others vary from a few of similar quality down to the downright mediocre. The only real problem with this one is the ridiculously large arrow head which will be modified asap. Despite the fact She's not genuinely old school She'll still find employ as either a ranger or thief for the retro dungeon party.

I've also continued to fiddle around with masters for the Torchlight resin dungeon clone, this time a short corridor section with apertures in the wall for darts, gas etc.

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