Sunday, 24 June 2012

Yet More Old Grenadier Miniatures.

After a couple of weeks worth of carving balsa foam into dungeon architecture a change of air was needed so I took up the brushes again and dashed off a couple of older miniatures.

A recently purchased Grenadier Skeleton.

A Liche from the Raiders of the Undead boxed set.
I haven't had time to research the skeleton warrior yet, I'm sure a quick look on the old miniatures wiki will turn up his provenance, but regardless I do like him in all his bizarre finery.
The Liche I've had for some time now but couldn't find the inspiration to paint him. That was until last night when in a moment of drunken inspiration I decided to depict him materialising out of the ground.
Despite of or because of my state of inebriation he's turned out alright although the colour scheme wouldn't look amiss on a ghoulish christmas decoration.

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  1. Grenadier Skels are the best! I enjoy seeing these guys.