Monday, 27 August 2012

An Entertaining Dead-end.

There is a very good reason I sometimes struggle to finish projects in a reasonable length of time and it is because I am too easily distracted by bright, shiny & sinister things. The latest of these trinkets is from Smart Max's Smog range:

Fair enough, its an entertaining enough miniature in 1/35th scale and nicely moulded; theres even a set of miniatures rules to go with the range. Thats where the bad news starts, most of the miniatures are £30 plus so its a major outlay of cash to get even a small collection to the table. Worst still judging by the smell when the resin is drilled or filed the cheap so & so's have cut the resin with diesel, which I am led to believe is one way to make it go further. I don't know about you but paying out £30 for a resin sculpt one would expect to get the best materials available, not material cut with shitty petro chemicals that do God knows what to the life expectancy of the miniature.
Its a crying shame because doing the painting to this point has been really challenging, particularly trying to achieve the Steuben glass effect on top of the cabinet. Sadly it was only when I drilled the curtain section & the base to pin them together that the diesel fraud became apparent. Hence the loss of enthusiasm for the project.
Sorry Smart Max but you've shot yourselves in the foot big time.


  1. Hey HGA, first time visiting this blog - very cool and interesting work here too. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, this blog is where I put my guilty pleasures rather than 'proper' historical stuff. Keep checking it out, more esoterica to follow.

    Regards HGA.