Sunday, 5 August 2012

Citadel Miniatures The original C27 Hydra.

Found this miniature when we moved house a couple of years back, he was in a box that had somehow lost itself behind a cupboard and was accompanied by a couple of Citadel Giants, half a dozen Chronicle Ogres and a solitary Chronicle Kobold.

Either my brother or I must have bought it around 1984 or 85 when we were at the height of our D&Ding but like so many of our miniatures remained unpainted and as far as I recall unused in any of our gaming sessions. Brings back a lot of memories of the days when we used to cycle ten miles into town to buy miniatures from the local model shop which was the only outlet for such things in our part of the world ( barring the odd school holidays trip to Games Workshop in Birmingham). We did occasionally mail order stuff but often the lack of catalogues precluded that avenue, I think thats why we ended up with such a random collection of miniatures back then.

The original catalogue entry in the Citadel Compendium, this was acquired sometime after the miniature. Already the love of Chaos is creeping into Citadels products.


  1. This is a great piece, and very exciting to have it see the light of day and hopefully many viewers online - I enjoyed the story about its origins, as I have many similar experiences!

  2. I'm a big fan of this fig and nice to see one painted! I scored one at convention fleamarket a few years ago and hope to get to him one day. BTW he's actually a thesalahydra according to the Monster Manual II, and when I came across the entry just after getting the figure I was incredibly happy. I definitely can't think of another thesalahydra miniature so it's kind of this one or nothing.

  3. Many thanks for the comments Gentlemen. Interestingto learn that he is a "Thesalahydra", but then I never got as far as MMII.
    My understanding was the only hydra was the Lernean one that Hercules fought and this is still a major gripe I have with many fantasy bestiaries- the plurality of many creatures that had originally been unique.
    Sorry for the lecture there, again many thanks. HGA.

  4. Beautiful Work! I've been wanting that figure for a very long time...