Monday, 27 August 2012

Nick Lunds Cave Goblin Chariot.

Not sure what use a chariot is in the subterranean environment but Citadel Miniatures produced this and I a callow youth of 17 bought it and graced it with this paint job.

I think it was originally drawn by two giant wolves but these were rejected in favour of the boars show. They are earlier Citadel miniatures originally ridden by night goblins.
When I rediscovered this piece a couple of weeks back I did contemplate stripping and repainting it; but  it has a certain nostalgia value for me as a step in the right direction miniature painting wise. If you look closely there are tentative efforts at dry brushing, washing & shading; not great by any standards but an improvement over many of my previous efforts.


  1. Great model, and bravo for posting your early paint jobs. The only time I've done that on my fledgling blog was as a "before" picture prior to stripping them. Love the mushroom on the base, very old school. I think least half of my Citadel figures back in the eighties had mushrooms somewhere on the base...

    1. Many thanks John, I was a dedicated practitioner of 'Blanchitsu' back in the day so weird flora was very much to be encouraged. Note also the eight armed symbol of Chaos which Citadel blatantly ripped off from Michael Moorcock's work and I bet the buggers have trade marked it too :)
      Regards HGA.