Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Citadel Miniatures C28 Giant.

Another of my recent cupboard finds, from the same box as the Hydra. This figure was probably bought about the same time but I think he came from a local toy shop that had brief dalliance with roleplaying stuff when it was all the rage, what I do remember is that he cost a whopping £3.95 which equated to about 3 hours work mucking out cows at the time.
I did get round to painting him, though neatly is about as far as I'll permit so it seemed about time to give him a re-vamp. Very early stages yet but I'm quite pleased with the 'lived in' complexion.

I know the above pictures are a bit blurred, but I quite like the angry at being papped look.

More to follow as work progresses.

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